GameJam: 2019

Network WIP Game

GameJam: 2019



Some of the animations in these videos are not my best work, it is not a demo-reel. This is a more quantitative view of what I've done. That's also why I've written when I worked on the animations. A demo reel will be up later.

About: Rage 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Avalanche Studios in conjunction with id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks. The game is the sequel to the 2010 game Rage.


Title: Rage 2


Company: Avalance Studios


Platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC


Engine: Apex

Release Date: May 14, 2019

My work: 2017-2019, 2½year

DCC: MotionBuilder 

What I did

I worked on bits of everything on this project. Mainly cinematics and in-game events but also "Monster Closet"-entry for enemies, player interactions & hub-life.

Most of the work being editing MotionCapture, but also capturing the data (both myself in the suit and directing others) & handkeying. Other than this I also handled our animation outsourcing & assisted in the implementation.

This video is but a bit of what I did for the project, if you have any questions about it or want to see more send me an email.

Music: Barbara Keith - All Along The Watchtower

About: TheHunter Classic is a realistic hunting simulation.

It is a free to play PC game that recreates the hunting experience in an open world area called Evergreen Hunting Reserve. Gameplay revolves around tracking and harvesting animals.

Title: TheHunter Classic

Company: Avalance Studios (Expansive Worlds)

Platforms: PC

Engine: Apex

Release Date: April, 2009

My work: 2016, 12 months

DCC: MotionBuilder 

What I did

I worked with First & Third person animations for the playable character and a couple of animals.

I also rigged and skinned the animals & weapons I worked on. All Keyframe.

Music: Fever Ray - The Wolf

Music: Andrew Bird - Dark Matter  

About: Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island is a vibrant 3D platformer, a homage to the beloved platformer genre of the previous decade. 

Title: Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island

Company: Right Nice Games

Platforms: PS4, XBOX, PC

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Release Date: May 19, 2017

My work: 2015, 6 months

DCC: Maya / MotionBuilder

What I did

For this game I did all the turret animations and the base for the playable character.

The character went through 3 distinct phases each with their own animator, I did the second pass. Most of those animations are remade for the final character, but I didn't work on that transition so I can't say for sure which ones are mine.

Music: Ryan Miller - The Site

About: This game was made for, and won, the Unreal Engine Spring Jam 2019, over a weekend.

The Theme was "Other Side of the Coin"

You're the person responsible to clean up the dungeons after an adventurer has run through...

This is a non-violent game.

Title: Dungeon Service

Company: Unreal Fanbois

Platforms: PC

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Release Date: May 8, 2019

My work: 2019, 3 days.

DCC: MotionBuilder 

Music: Oskar - Light

What I did

This game was made by me (Animation & Blueprint) and Oskar Selin (Art & Blueprint), over 3 days for a GameJam.

I did the Rig/Skin & Animations. I also did all the hooking up in UE4 & roughly 50% of the "code" (all done in BluePrints).

Game available here if you want to try it out: https://connecta.itch.io/dungeon-service

I made the trailer for the game, but if you want to see some gameplay there are some vids of people playing the game - this being one of my favourites as I have no idea what he's talking about:)

Want to see spaghetti?

Here is the Event Graph of the MainCharacter, I set most of this up. Keep in mind: this was for a GameJam, if I would've had more time I'd try to be more organized. 

Right-click to drag & Zoom on scroll.

About: This game was made for the Unreal Engine Summer Jam 2019 over a weekend. The theme was "Make It Count".

This Game is about sacrificing yourselves so that the team can complete the levels.

It is a 4 player Local Co-op game.

Title: Make Me Count

Company: Team of Mates

Platforms: PC

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Release Date: Aug 10, 2019

My work: 2019, 4 days

DCC: Maya / MotionBuilder

Art & Animations

This game was made by a team of four: Me (Art, Animation & BluePrint), Sergei (BluePrint), Daniel (LevelDesign) & Fabian (GameDesign).

As the sole artist I made all art and animation for this game. I also set up all art in game & much of the animations. I made most of the art setups in the levels as well, after Daniel hade made his designs.

Game is downloadable here: https://connecta.itch.io/make-me-count

(though it is quite a niche-game as it requires 4 people on the same machine)


About: Ever played a gmod  called Trouble In Terrorist Town? This is that same idea, with the goal to make it more polished & less flimsy gunplay.

DCC: MotionBuilder

Learning Replication in UE4

I set out to make a networked game in Unreal Engine, using only Blueprints. I haven't spent that much time on the art/animation yet, the focus has been on learning more about replication & the setup of a FirstPerson/ThidPerson character. Current set up is made for a listen server, but it shouldn't be too much work to make it work for a dedicated server instead. 

Currently in and working:

 - Lobby and finding server, over steam if connected - otherwise LAN.

 - Movement and Weapons.

 - SurveilanceCameras that can be interacted and destroyed (leaving the last rendered image on the screen)

 - LightSwitches.

 - Track Footprint ability. Interact with a footprint and all footprints placed at the time will light up, in order of when they were placed.

 - Dance Emotes.

(Gameplay with an emulated 150ms ping for more acurate scenario - also to more easily find bugs)

Character Blueprint

If you happen to actually look at the code I'd love to get some feedback on it! 

© 2019 Morris Belfrage. ヽ(◔◡◉)ノ - I is animatur

What I did

I made all the rigs and animations for this game. It was mainly 1 character-type with different clothes and building spawn-animations. Also the implementation of the animations in Unity.

About: Godling was a game made during my time at FutureGames. It is a strategy game where you play as a god that commands a devout minion to wander the lands and gospel to increase the religion. 

There's also a base building aspect in the game where you can place buildings in order to build a city for your minions.

Title: Godling

Platforms: PC

Engine: Unity

Release Date: Aug, 2015

My work: 2015, 3 months

DCC: Maya